Rebecca Jones sends advice to Susana Dosamantes to face cancer | Famous

Rebecca Jones is an ovarian cancer survivor, so she gave the actress some advice Susana Dosamanteswho was recently diagnosed with the same disease, but lodged in the pancreas.

“The other day I heard her give some statements and I think he is taking it with the best attitude, cancer has absolutely everything to do with it. If you are lucky enough to be located at the right time, your attitude is very relevant,” he told the media in Mexico, reported ‘Ventaneando’.

Jones stated that his colleague was positive: ” I’m still herewith ovarian cancer that takes half of the women, then I am a fervent believer in the mental power And I think that Suzanne It’s starting off on the right foot,” he added.

Rebecca Jones was evicted

The 64-year-old actress, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2017, recalled when the doctor told her that he had little time to livebut she ignored it and focused on her treatment.

“Due to a lack of sensitivity, he told me how long I had left to live without me asking him, I laughed at him and told him: ‘Son, put your beards to soak, because maybe now when they come out to you they run over you. So, I don’t you say,'” the actress shared in the interview.

Jones reiterated that he does not believe in medical forecasts, but he does believe in diagnoses: “I strongly defend the don’t pay attention to the doctor’s prognosis, that nothing else has God. The word cancer is full of many contradictions and many myths around it, “he sentenced in ‘Ventaneando’.

After two years of fighting cancer with chemotherapy treatment, Rebecca Jones beat the disease in 2019, so now she only keeps a constant medical check-up.