Reconciliation? “Nodal is in love to the bone,” says journalist Angélica Palacios

The entertainment journalist Angélica Palacios assured that the couple is in constant communication.

After the media maelstrom that led to the rupture between the singers Christian Nodal and Belinda, her complaints of gender violence and the legal problems of the interpreter of Goodbye love, it seems that the whole situation reached a relative calm.

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The beautiful Spanish woman has continued with her professional projects, while Nodal focused on his Forajido tour that has taken him to several cities in Latin America. About the romance of both only talk about memories; However, recently the entertainment journalist Angélica Palacios spoke about a possible reconciliation of the couple.

Nodal performed in El Salvador as part of his Forajido Tour. EDH photos/ Francisco Rubio.

“I know from a very good source that Nodal is in love to the bone and that Belinda also… Right now I am finding out that they are talking, that they are talking to see how they are going to reach a reunion on good terms, or did they return? That is the question, ”said the journalist on her YouTube channel.

Nodal used to cover his tattoo with hats or caps. Photos: Illustrative and non-commercial image/ 2786875431744587180748527/

According to Palacios, another key is that the Mexican regional singer has not yet been erased. the red tattoo of the forehead where it says utopia, and that now he no longer tries to cover it with hats or caps. Moreover, she assures that in the Instagram stories she made an approach to it with which he shows that his heart continues to beat for Belinda. “In days, perhaps, they will give us the news ‘that we are back’, ‘that we are getting married,'” the journalist assured.

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About giving themselves a second chance, neither Nodal nor Beli give any signs. So we will have to wait to see if the information that Angélica Palacios has been given is correct.