Red the Disney movie that addresses the issue of menstruation

Mexico.- Network of pixar has positioned itself on the platform of Disney+ since its premiere, but not only because it is starred by a little girl, but also because it shows the theme of menstruation.

Red is one of the most watched movies. Photo: Twitter

Although it is in a metaphorical and very funny way. The young director Domee Shi, born in China and raised in Canada, decided to put this issue on the table, which is now being discussed by her mothers to her daughters, once they saw the film.

‘Net’ explains the passage between childhood and preadolescence of a 13-year-old girl of Asian origin in Toronto.

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Friendship is another of the main points of the series. Photo: Twitter.

Under the constant gaze of a controlling mother who embarrasses her in public, Mei discovers that she turns into an uncontrolled red panda when she first menstruates.

After being ashamed of it, he begins to realize that his new condition helps him to give free rein and accept his feelings, although there is a historical obsession in the family to repress the mythical animal.

‘Net’ talks about what adolescents live, the control and overprotection of a mother and the pressure that falls on many girls not to disappoint a mother, even if it is by complying with absurd rules and giving up the most essential pleasures of friendship and even sexuality .

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