Reduced prison time? Tennis star wants to be in Germany for Christmas

The headlines about the imprisoned tennis star don’t stop. Insiders in the British media are now reporting that Boris Becker could be incarcerated in Germany as early as Christmas.

jail is jail? Just missed. As Chris Atkins reported in an interview with t-online, it feels particularly bad in London’s Wandsworth Prison. The British prison and its conditions are notorious, Atkins said: “This place is pure horror. Everything about it is terrible.” So does Boris Becker want to be relocated as soon as possible? Quite possible.

“Becker is very confident”

A report in the British tabloid “Sun” in particular is now making people sit up and take notice. An insider wants to know that the Wimbledon winner already has concrete plans to “move” to Germany. “Becker is very confident that he will be back in Germany by Christmas,” it said. Instead of the scheduled two and a half years in Great Britain, Boris Becker wants to come to Germany at the end of the year. There, the person convicted of delaying bankruptcy could then spend the rest of his sentence on probation – and would therefore be at large.