reggae artist gave curious reason to cancel

José Gahona, vocalist of the Chilean band Zona Ganjah and who professes the Rastafarian ideology, indicated the reasons why his group will no longer be part of the Jamming Festival poster and freed the organization of the largest musical event in the history of Ibagué.

“It was for reasons of force majeure, really unrelated to the band and also unrelated to the Jamming production. I feel responsible for being honest with our followers and clarifying what the reason is, and that is that at this time Colombia has a health restriction so that no person who does not have the COVID-19 vaccination can enter the country,” he said. through a video on their social networks.

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In turn, the vocalist of Zona Ganjah stressed that they do not agree with “the imposition of this new experimental drug”, which is why they do not have a vaccination schedule for the event from March 19 to 21 in Ibagué.

“It is unfortunate. Actually, we were hoping to be able to attend. That is why, in fact, it took us so long to make this decision, because we wanted to wait until the last minute to see if this restriction would change or be relaxed to allow us to somehow enter the country and be part of this beautiful festival, but at this point there is no longer time for something to happen”, said the artist.

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The Chilean also clarified that the jamming organization It has been made available so that people who went exclusively to see Zona Ganjah can reach some kind of arrangement with the promoters of the event.

“They (the organization) They have left an email so that all the people who intend to return the ticket or also make it valid for the next Jamming, for which we are already in talks to be able to participate, as long as these restrictions can change and we are allowed to travel“, the musician pointed out.

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Finally, he said that they are very affected by not being able to work and being away from the stage, but added that their convictions are stronger and are not negotiable.

I am working hard in the studio to be able to finish the new album, so at least through music we will be in contact very soon because in a very short time we will be releasing the new Zona Ganjah album. I send you a big hug, many blessings and enjoy every second of this beautiful festival in contact with music because it is worth it”he concluded.

Sources close to the organization of the event confirmed to El Nuevo Día that Zona Ganjah and other artists who had been confirmed since 2019 had already received all the payments for their participation.