“Registered with Pôle Emploi’, Valérie Trierweiler launches an appeal to “find work”

This is surprising information to say the least. This Tuesday, July 5, 2022, on Sud Radio, Valerie Trierweiler took the opportunity to confide in his professional status, while asking for help.

I appeal to find work. Today, I am registered with Pole Emploi. There you have it, a former First Lady registered with Pole Emploi” she launched with irony, against all odds. “I was fired from Paris Match two years ago, I won my case, because it was a dismissal for no reason, and maybe even for political reasons. And so I have been looking for two years (…) I think being a journalist, with the name I have and the life I’ve had, is complicated.“continued the ex-wife of François Hollande, wondering then if his heavy status is not too great a handicap for his career in the press.

“You have to live in the present”

She also thinks that her gender is not to her advantage given her professional situation. “It’s complicated to be a woman over 55. Around me, all my girlfriends are getting fired at 55″, did she notice. But the Angevine does not lose hope. She does not wish to feel sorry for herself, preferring to move forward by remaining optimistic. “What is done is done. You have to stop saying to yourself: ‘I should have, I shouldn’t have…’ You have to live in the present. My present is nice, we must not darken the picture. I still believe in a future.” she said during this interview.

As a reminder, Valérie Trierweiler shared her life with François Hollande between 2005 and 2014. She therefore became first lady when her companion was appointed President of the French Republic in 2012. Their story ended two years later after the revelation of the former Head of State’s affair with actress Julie Gayet, whom he has since married. For her part, the former journalist of Paris Match rebuilt his life with the former rugby player Romain Magellan.

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