relive the performance of the Ukrainians of Kalush Orchestra, winners of this edition

The Ukrainian group, which the bettors gave as the big winner, actually won this Saturday evening in Turin.

It was undoubtedly the most anticipated performance of the Eurovision 2022 final, which took place this Saturday evening in Turin. The Ukrainians of Kalush Orchestra, big favorites and big winners of this edition, performed their song Stefania in twelfth position, between the Netherlands and Germany. And took the opportunity to send a political message, despite the prohibition of the regulations.

This 66th edition of the tele-hook took place under particular conditions: since February, Europe has been living to the rhythm of the Kremlin’s violent offensive on Ukraine. The situation resulted in Russia being excluded from the competition and the Kalush Orchestra, elected to represent their country just days before the start of the invasion, benefited from increased media coverage. So much so that for months, the group had not left the first place in the ranking of bookmakers.

“Please help Ukraine”

After their number, the leader of the formation Oleh Psiuk took the microphone to address a message to the spectators: “Please help Ukraine and Mariupol! Help Azovstal”, he called. Political messages are generally prohibited at Eurovision, but the organizers told AFP that Ukraine would not be sanctioned for such remarks.

Stefania was not intended to resonate with the Ukrainian people. Oleh Psiuk originally wrote it for his mother. But the text has taken on a new meaning in the light of the conflict that is shaking the country:

“After the war, it took on a very special dimension, because it is also dedicated to my mother Ukraine. And a lot of people identify with this song”, he explained to BFMTV a while ago. A few days. “I’d rather it not be the anthem of war, but the anthem of our victory.”