Relive video of Silvestre Dangond defending the accordion player Víctor Reyes

One of those who has mourned the accordion player Víctor Reyes the most is Silvestre Dangond, who on his social networks has dedicated several publications saying goodbye to what he classified as one of the best accordion players in the country, since he had the great fortune of sharing the stage with him and for that reason he was so appreciated.

Dangond’s tribute to Reyes has been so well received that many netizens have begun to dust off anecdotal videos and photos between the vallenatero and the musician, who toured the country with their music and that of some other minstrels and great exponents of the genre.

Silvestre Dangond and Víctor Reyes shared several stages together
Silvestre Dangond and Víctor Reyes shared several stages together – Photo: Instagram: Silvestre Dangond

In the clip published by the Casa del vallenato Instagram account, it is seen when in one of the shows Dangond defends Reyes and lashes out at the fans who divided the vallenato in two, leaving musicians of the stature of Víctor relegated.

These accordion players were stigmatized with the vallenato corroncho and the vallenato meleguero; if they knew the damage they did to vallenato by dividing itwith which they hit the coast and in the interior, saying that the only greats are Zuleta, Diomedes, Villazón, Beto and Oñate”, Silvestre said, hugging the accordion player, and then telling him to interpret one of Diomedes Díaz’s greatest hits to “shut up” more than one.

“Today it was your turn to leave”: Silvestre Dangond, disconsolate; live strong mourning and receive support from celebrities

This Friday, January 6, the unfortunate death of Víctor ‘Rey’ Reyes, who was one of the most recognized accordion players and producers of vallenato in the country, was confirmed. The artist had been hospitalized for several days in a medical center in Piedecuesta (Santander).

“Vallenato folklore mourned with the death of the great accordion player Víctor ‘Rey’ Reyes, who left behind a great musical feat. Rest in peace. Our condolences to his family, countrymen and friends”wrote the Vallenato Festival on Twitter, where he accompanied the message with a photo of the artist.

wild dangond vallenato singer
wild dangond vallenato singer – Photo: gettyimages

Through his personal Instagram account, Silvestre Dangond did not let this sad news go unnoticed and dedicated some heartfelt words to the renowned accordion player. In addition, he shared the best moments that he lived with him.

“Victor Reyes and our history! The first photo, in Bogotá (2006), was the first time we played, the second was at my house in Valledupar (2016), where the idea of ​​between greats was born. The party was in white, but he arrived with the style that characterized him, and the third was already in Bogotá experiencing his return to the stage, “he initially indicated.

Then he added: “My admiration for him has always been because he had a unique and inimitable style, his footprint was distinguished from afar and his success. Accompany me by the side of Miguel Morales, they earned the respect of all of us who feel Vallenato music in our souls. Today I have to leave”.

The famous singer finally thanked the late artist for everything he did for him during his professional career. Likewise, he sent an emotional message to all his relatives at this difficult time.

“I do not want to stop thanking you for everything you gave us, I feel lucky to have lived experiences by your side, dear friend. I know you fought as hard as you could, but that’s life. Travel calm and in peace. Big hug to all your family. Go with God!”Dangond concluded.

Faced with this unfortunate news, the interpreter of Loco Paranoico received several messages of support from some personalities of the national show business. One of the first to send him a message of condolences was Beto Villa.

Silvestre and Víctor were friends for several decades.  Photo: Instagram @silvestredangond
Silvestre and Víctor were friends for several decades. Photo: Instagram @silvestredangond – Photo: Photo: Instagram @silvestredangond

Samith Reyes, son of the famous musician, stated that his father died at the Piedecuesta International Hospital, where he was hospitalized due to a severe respiratory crisis. Likewise, he indicated that he had suffered from pancreatic cancer for some years. “The musician had suffered a severe respiratory crisis, for which he was admitted to the International Hospital of Colombia, in Piedecuesta. However, despite the medical efforts, he passed away at dawn this Friday, ”he stated in the newspaper La Vanguardia.

The renowned accordion player was King of the Vallenata Legend Festival in 1990 and King of Kings in 2004. In addition, he shared the stage for several years with Miguel Morales, Jorge Luis Ortiz, Iván Villazón, Farid Ortiz and the Binomio de Oro, among others. Reyes, who was 58 years old and lived in Barrancabermeja (Santander), was also recently part of Silvestre Dangond’s ‘Entre Grandes’ tour, with whom he played several times.