Renaud in love: the singer fell in love, “no later than last week”

Renaud is indeed back. With the release of his new album, Métèque, the singer with a castling voice and the right words confided in the Journal du Dimanche for the occasion. In addition to music and friends, Renaud briefly talked about love. Confidences.

This May 8, the Sunday newspaper has reserved a page for one of the French songwriters. The man with the red bandana, the cigarette in his beak, the striped shirt and the hoarse voice. A few days away from celebrating its 70th birthday, Renaud returns to the musical landscape with the release of his brand new album, Métec. This one is composed of covers of French songs, dear to the heart of the author-composer.

Released this Friday, May 6, the album honors Charles Trenet with The mad lamentJean Ferrat with Night and Fog or Françoise Hardy with Friendship. A true ode to the French repertoire and its greatest performers.

“It still happens to me”

One of our colleagues from Sunday newspaper who interviewed Renaud on the occasion of the release of metic, did not spare the singer and made him talk a lot, he who nevertheless prefers to write or sing. He also spoke about it: “When I talk to a journalist, I get nervous, much more than on stage. So I stammer, I search for my words. I feel like I’m delivering my soul like a stripper showing off her ass.” he imagined with the outspokenness that we know him.

On May 11, when he will be celebrating his 70th birthday, renaud will most certainly return to the South to celebrate this date. The singer nevertheless confided in his boredom of staying too long there, without doing anything: “I’m bored like a dead rat in the South. Working allows me not to think too much.” he explained.

During his next return, the author, composer and interpreter of Manu can however take advantage of the little pleasures that he appreciates such as “smoking, friends and falling in love”. Evoking this last pleasure, the man in the bandana sketched a smile before confiding: “Eh yes, It happens to me again, just last week. But she wants us to stay friends.he explained before concluding with a bit of philosophy, again: “It’s already good, friendship is stronger than love”. Sacred Renaud.


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