Renaud on stage: his new companion and his ex together in the front row, behind the scenes

Tuesday January 24, 2023 marked the end of a long absence for the cult singer renaud. The interpreter of Winner Mistral has indeed made his comeback at the microphone after six years without the slightest date. An eternity in an industry in perpetual renewal. But Renaud turns out to be an artist totally apart, almost immortal. As our colleagues from the Parisianpresent on site for this concert which took place in Avignon, the 70-year-old singer (re)assured in front of a conquered crowd.

Still, it was no small feat. “We thought he would never come back on stage… And we are amazed by his voice. We all had a fear, we’re not going to lie to each other…“, confesses a fan on a daily basis. To guarantee the recipe for success, Renaud thus relied on the unfailing support of those close to him.

Starting with the one who has shared his life for nine months now, Cherry. We learn in particular in this article that the singer dedicated his performance to him on the title As long as there are shadows…the favorite of the “quadra“with whom he has”recently took a pied-à-terre in Rezé, near Nantes” and for whom he changed his way of life. But it was not the only one to support the artist, since Dominique Quilichini, Renaud’s first wife and mother of his daughter Lolita Séchan, was also present. The two women were seated close to each other, proof that no rivalry was on the agenda.

Renaud’s relatives to support him

In addition, David Séchan, twin brother of Renaud, and Lolita, to whom the singer dedicated the song morgan of you, written more than forty years ago, were also in the forefront to encourage the artist. But not enough to confuse Renaud, who remains true to himself. The day after this performance, he had a hilarious discussion over breakfast with his daughter, which the latter decided to post on her Instagram.