Renaud, “regularly falls in love”, “reduced smoking” and voted Macron by “pinching his nose”

Renaud, who is releasing his cover album, Métèque, confided without filter on his anxieties, his fear of aging, his estrangement with Françoise Hardy and his vote in the presidential election…

renaudwhich is making a strong comeback with its covers album, meticin stores on May 6, did not drink a drop of alcohol for a year and a half. But the singer, who celebrates 70 years on May 11, keeps an addiction which he is struggling to get rid of, cigarettes. “I have reduce smoking. When I was singing, I was at fifteen a day, instead of forty. But I went back to twenty. It’s harder to stop (than alcohol, editor’s note)”, he confided in an interview with the Parisian.

Renaud: what “anxiety”

For the artist soon to be in his seventies, his addiction has its source in many anxieties: “Stress, life, loss of childhood, the anxiety of agingnot seeing my children grow up, my girl Lolita (born from his former love with Dominique Quilichini, editor’s note) who is a real woman, 41 years old, Malone (fruit of his former romance with Romane Serda, editor’s note)who will turn 16 on July 14“, he tried to explain to the Parisian.

And to clarify:I did several therapies to understand where it comes from my melancholy. I am in psychotherapy at the moment, the shrink is very friendly, but she has not yet managed to find. Neither did my friends. But do not worry“.

Renaud: his complicated friendship with Françoise Hardy

Renaud was disappointed many times during his life, especially in love: “Friendship is fragile and love impossible. Love, we’re going straight into the wall. I regularly fall in love with impossible love, married woman, faithful woman“.

As for his friendships, they are sometimes complicated. His relationship with Françoise Hardy had been damaged some time ago. “TO At one time, we were angry. She had made borderline FN remarks in a musical review. I had given him a rather scathing right of reply. We were a little cold for a while but we reconciled. I love it“, assured the interpreter of Winner Mistralalways at Parisian.

Renaud voted “holding his nose”

Renaud is also disappointed politically. The singer, who saw Macron as a “leftist, centre-left, unifier“in 2017, is hardly satisfied with the first term of the re-elected President.”Retirement at 65, I can’t stomach it“, he specified. So, for this presidential election, he voted for Philippe Poutou, “the most extremist, the most anarchist“. In the second round, it is in se “pinching the nose“that he voted for Emmanuel Macron, in order to block Marine Le Pen.

But Renaud has not yet given up hope of seeing renewal. “In the legislative elections, I will vote Mélenchon. The alliance on the left, this sort of common program, popular front, is good. It is a real opposition to Macron“, did he declare.

Renaud is afraid of aging: “70 years, it does not water”

The interpreter of Still standing no longer drinks, but it is none the less distressed at the idea of ​​taking a bottle. “70 years, it does not water, it despairs. I do not like it. Getting old is a shipwreck. I will still celebrate them in small groups, with my family, a few friends, including Jean-Paul Rouve. We have become very good friends“, did he declare.

If the singer had assured that he had stopped the scene a few years ago, he is now determined to resume concerts, but not immediately. “I was terrified before, but I was carried by the enthusiasm of the public. It always surprises me, this unconditional love. It made me want to get back on stage. But I’m waiting for a new album of original songs to do it. I take a break“, he told the Parisian. As soon as the wind blows, he will go back (on stage).