Renaud: the singer confides in his addictions

The singer Renaud, who released his new album “Métèque” this Friday, May 6, spoke about his fight against addictions and his psychotherapy.

In a recent interview with Parisianthe artist, who will celebrate his 70th birthday on May 11, notably claimed to have reduced smoking.

“When I was singing, I was at fifteen a day, instead of forty. But I went back to twenty. It’s harder to stop than that,” said the interpreter of “Mistral Gagnant”.


Regarding the drink, Renaud “holds on”. “I’m at Bitter San Pellegrino (non-alcoholic drink made from plant infusions, editor’s note). It’s been a year and a half that I no longer drink a drop of alcohol.

The star of French song also spoke of the causes of her addictions: “Stress, life, the loss of childhood, the anxiety of aging and not seeing my children grow up”.

Renaud is the father of two children, Lolita, 41, the fruit of his love with Dominique Quilichini, and Malone, who will be 16 on July 14, the son of Romane Serda.

he does several therapies

The one to whom we owe the titles “Morgan de toi” or even “As soon as the wind blows” also entrusted the regional daily to do “several therapies to understand where (his) melancholy comes from”.

“I am in psychotherapy at the moment, the shrink is very friendly, he continued, but she has not yet managed to find. Neither did my friends. But do not worry”.