Rene Alonso “pure grape” was captured in Santa Ana

The Salvadoran singer would have starred in an incident last night of January 1 for which the presence of the authorities was required.

René Alonso, vocalist of the tropical group Banda Lasser, is in the hands of justice because he was the protagonist of a violent incident. On social networks, he revealed that the Salvadoran would have been captured last night on January 1.

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Photo EDH/ David Martinez

According to the information circulating on the web, René, also known in the music industry as “pure uva” not only attacked a man but also threatened to kill him. The event would have originated after a road mishap in Ciudad Real, Santa Ana.

Diario El Mundo published on its website that “the capture was confirmed by the Ciudad Real police station in the municipality of San Sebastián Salitrillo, Santa Ana, although it refused to provide details of the procedure.”

El Diario de Hoy tried to contact René Alonso to find out his version of events, however, until the closing of this note, the singer did not answer the calls.

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