René Alonso “the pure grape” is released

Sources reported that, in the end, no charges were filed, neither by René Alonso nor by the other person involved in the incident.

Judicial sources confided to that the singer René Alonso was released in the last hours, after being arrested on January 1 in Santa Ana.

Sources reported that, in the end, no charges were filed, neither by René Alonso nor by the other person involved in the incident.

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Photo / Instagram @renealonsopurauva

On Monday, January 2, it emerged that the singer had been arrested in a violent act in Santa Ana. The singer’s sister, Any Orellana, provided more details on Tuesday, January 3, and explained that it was an incident with a neighbor who was walking a his dog, in one of the streets where the artist lives.

The neighbor complained because he considered that Alonso had made an imprudent move, which “had endangered” the dog. This generated an argument, which caused the caretaker of the residence to call the Emergency System.

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In the end, the police arrested both Alonso and the neighbor while they investigated the facts, according to the artist’s sister. In the end, they were released.

René Alonso rose to fame in the 80’s with the band Láser, who made famous songs like “La chica de humo”. He is also remembered for his phrase in the middle of his concerts: “Pure grape, mommy.”

counterparty version

Stanley García, a Salvadoran who has lived in the United States for 40 years and who comes to El Salvador frequently, is the other person involved in the violent incident that led to the arrest of René Alonso.

García was contacted by El Diario de Hoy and agreed to provide his version of the facts as he deems it convenient to “clean up his image.”

“I went for a walk with my dog, it was like 6 in the afternoon. In a section, he walked on the edge of the street because the sidewalk was blocked. Suddenly a car appeared that was coming at excessive speed. The car lights scared the dog, but I managed to stop him because he was on a leash. It was when I demanded that he be more careful because he could have killed my dog ​​”. he argued he.

According to Stanley, he did not know who was driving the vehicle; that is to say, that he did not know that he was a public figure or a national artist.

Despite the brief discussion, Stanley continued the walk with his pet, assuring that he never followed René to his destination.

He explained that it was one of the guards who called him and informed him that they had complained about him. When Stanley approached the area, he was met by a group of people including René and his wife, who insulted him.

Regarding the evidence that Any Orellana, the singer’s sister, claims to have; Stanley assures that she already saw the images and that they have edited it.

“I also have a video of the full version. I arrived with the idea of ​​clarifying things and that it did not happen any further, but everyone began to insult me ​​and you can even see when René wanted to attack me with a bottle and his wife yelled at me, telling me to hit her, ”he recounted.

García emphasized that he would never hit a woman and accepted that all he did was throw an insult as a result of the attacks he was receiving.

He also added: “He is an arrogant man and the fact that I did not know that he is supposedly famous upset him more. He bragged about having influence and then yelled ‘you hit my wife’ when she was the one who pounced”.

He indicated that Alonso said that “he wanted to go to the delegation because he fought for women’s rights, without imagining that the laws are the same for everyone and that is why they arrested him.”

Regarding the arrest, he stressed that he was calm because he knew that he had not been the cause of everything reaching the limit. He also pointed out that René was drunk and even admitted it; in fact, García says that the other people with whom they shared the cell are witnesses.

Despite the incident, Stanley García only hopes that this does not happen anymore, since he had never been involved in an event of this type.