René Strickler’s son marries his boyfriend and the actor gives lessons in love celebrating it – New Woman

Rene Strickler had given lessons of love and as a father, by showing that he is totally stripped of prejudices regarding sexuality. The actor has exposed his support to the community LGBT+ on more than one occasion and now he has bragged about his son’s marriage Yannick Strickler with your partner Manuel Alonso Cardenas.

Unlike other parents who judge, reject and belittle for his sexual orientation, René opted to be a father who respect, accompany and full of love to their firstborn

The just Married announced their engagement in November 2021 during Cárdenas’s birthday in front of his closest family and friends and this 2022 They completed the proposal.

René Strickler gives his son his blessing at his wedding

The actor shared some Photographs of your child’s magical moment through their social networks and took the opportunity to give him the blessing publicly.

The couple can be seen surrounded by their entire family and Rene He was fully happy to see his son lead his life with another boy, adding a tender message on Instagram.

“Today I received another son in the family, I wish you many congratulations on this path that you are starting together,” he wrote.

The famous has made an important change within the society having a family full of love and that accepts each one of their tastes, leaving behind that concept of rejection imposed in the conservative and macho society.

“A memorable day in the family, today we legally grow and love grows. Many blessings and congratulations always children, ”she wrote.

His words were quickly applauded by his followers who defined him as a Exemplary father.

“More parents like you, who love and accept no matter what their children like or who they decide to love”, “I am glad when this happens with famous dads because they are an example of how others should act in their lives daily”, “The importance of figures like René loving their children regardless of whether they are gay, lesbian or whatever is very great, because I do not doubt that many of their followers are somewhat conservative and with this perhaps they will change their way of thinking. see the community”, “Long live love and allied dads who love no matter what else”, they wrote.