Report indicates Inés Gómez Mont and her husband of receiving 14 million pesos from ghost companies

Mexico City.- More than half a year after she was accused of alleged fraud carried out in Mexicoand departed with an unknown course, Ines Gomez Mont He gave something to talk about again after information about his alleged illicit enrichment came out.

The television presenter with her husband, Victor Manuel Alvarez Pugaare fugitives from Mexican justice, and in the midst of all this scandal they have just released the new report of the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) in which it is shown that Gómez Mont would have allegedly received more than 14 million pesos belonging to ghost companies.

The report talks about the modus operandi of companies operated by her husband, of which it is claimed that a total of 2.5 billion Mexican pesos were diverted from the Secretary of the Interior (SEGOB).

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With information from the Animal Politico portal, the FGR report assures that Inés and Víctor were the alleged ones in charge of directing all the acts in which said diversions were carried out, as well as the main beneficiaries.

The driver and her husband, Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga, are fugitives. Photo: Special.

For his part, a judge concluded that so far it cannot be proven that the couple organized said fraud, since according to the file itself, they received the equivalent of less than 1% of the diverted money.

The report also brings to light that the shell companies that deposited money into the accounts of the former Ventaneando driver, “Through hundreds of transfers and deposits, the resources were moving towards the Rancel, SA de CV companies; Modemo, SA de CV; Comcelint, SA de CV; Technology and Innovation Arrimplo, SA de CV; Gupea Construcciones, SA de CV, and Engineering and Architecture Tangamanga, SA de CV. According to the investigation, these are ‘ghost companies’”.

In this sense, in the document published by said medium, the name of Ines Gomez Mont belonging to two companies: “Tangamanga”, from which 12 withdrawals came out for 7 million 395 thousand pesos; and “Gupea”, from which 15 withdrawals were made for 7 million 448 thousand 816 pesos.

Inés Gómez Mont is directly related to her husband’s business. Photo: Special.

So far, both Gómez Mont and her husband Alvarez Puga They are in an unknown direction accused of crimes of money laundering and embezzlement, as well as diversion of public resources for more than 3 billion pesos.

It transpired that the comadre of Galilea Montijo He requested an amparo against that appeal and the arrest warrant against him. This measure was turned over to the judge. William UrbinaThirteenth District in Criminal Matters in the Mexico Citywho until now does not admit the procedure, in the Mayor Miguel Hidalgo.

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