Resident fled from journalists who bothered him at the airport in Mexico

After several weeks giving what to talk about, largely due to his tirade against J Balvin, Residente returned to offer concerts in Mexico and received a truly impressive support from his fans. The artist enjoyed a monumental assistance in his recent presentation in the Aztec country.

The popular René was quite satisfied with what he experienced this weekend there, although his departure from Mexico was not as smooth as he would like. When he was about to take the plane that would take him back to his house, The Puerto Rican was harassed by a group of journalists who ran after him to try to interview him in any way.

The celebrity was dressed in an uncomplicated way, with a cap trying not to attract much attention and go unnoticed. Unfortunately for him, he did not succeed and the reporters noticed his presence at the airport, which caused the singer to face a very uncomfortable situation.

Residente was bothered by the pressure from the journalists, although at no time did he respond in a bad way. The artist chose not to determine them and move forward as quickly as possible to leave them behind and continue with his approach process.

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After evading reporters, Rene had to present his passport to airport officials and There his discomfort with the communicators was evident, as he swung a blow that made one think that he was complaining about their massive presence in a place where perhaps they should not be. The truth is that finally he was able to continue on his way and leave Mexico.

Next, the images that were known of that tense situation that the singer experienced: