Resident premiered a new video in which he referred to the protests in Colombia

On March 3, Residente surprised locals and strangers with the ‘shooting’ he did to his colleague J Balvin, whom he called a “racist”, “copy” and “loudmouth”, after some friction that the artists have had in the last few months.

As explained by the Puerto Rican musician, in his new song shown on the YouTube channel of the Argentine producer and DJ Bizarrap, Balvin can be considered a “lie” in the world of reggaeton, which is why, without hesitation, he decided to dedicate “a couple of lines to an asshole there from the urban genre”, referring to the Colombian singer.

“I’m going to lower myself with a bobolón that sings to SpongeBob and Pokémon. The copy of a clone, the Logan Paul of reggaeton. This is lower than ejaculating without an erection” and “As they say out there, “Josecito, you don’t have a street. That’s why you have soft knuckles.” With just a video I bury this calf and put him to upload photos with his dog. This cowardly young lamb is like a vegan breakfast, without eggs”, are two of the most important fragments in this ‘trash’ that received all kinds of comments, both for and against.

Resident now talks about recent history in Colombia

However, in the midst of what many Colombians consider to be a personal situation, since René Pérez (Resident’s real name) was determined against a compatriot, now the interpreter of ‘sun-colored eyes’ with a reference to Colombia, this time with a song in which he talks about social protests and problems in Latin America.

In his new single, entitled ‘This is Not America’ (This is not America), Residente criticizes the participation of the United States in the great problems of Central and South America, ensuring that this country is responsible for many of the situations of violence, corruption and death that occur in the region.

Likewise, he branded the country of ‘Uncle Sam’ as the greatest example of imperialism and colonialism in the world.

Thus, in the case of Colombia, René spoke of the vivid social protests in recent years, as well as other problems: false positives, drug trafficking and the way in which Venezuelan migration has been handled in the country.

“The paramilitaries, the guerrillas, the children of the conflict, the gangs, the blacklists, the false positives, the assassinated journalists, the disappeared, the narco-governments, everything that they stole, those who demonstrate and those who were forgotten, the persecutions, coups, the bankrupt country, the exiles, the devalued peso, the drug traffic, the cartels, the invasions, the undocumented emigrants, five presidents in eleven days, point-blank shooting by the police, more than a hundred years of torture, the nova trova singing in full dictatorship”, says a fragment of the song.

He also recalled that his song can also be taken as a criticism of the song This is Americaplayed by Childish Gambino, in which the Afro-American singer calls the problems of the United States the same as those of all of America, when, as Residente explains, this is not the case.

“We are the blood that atmospheric pressure blows. Gambino, my brother (…) this is America”, René sings.

Up to the time this article was written, the official video for Residente’s new song had already been viewed more than 3.4 million times, with more than half a million likes on YouTube; this in less than 24 hours since the audiovisual piece was released.