“Respect for the royal family”: British Prime Minister Sunak defends royals

“Respect for the Royal Family”
British Prime Minister Sunak defends Royals

In his memoirs, Prince Harry leaves no good hair to the British royals. Especially his father King Charles III. and his brother William are under criticism. British Prime Minister Sunak is now backing the accused institution.

Despite the juicy revelations in Prince Harry’s memoir, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak thinks highly of the royals. “I think the public, like me, has tremendous respect for the royal family, that they are deeply proud of them,” Sunak told the BBC. “She’s one of those things I’m most proud of when I think of Britain.” He hopes King Charles’ coronation will be “another fantastic opportunity” for the country to come together and “celebrate something that is special to Britain”.

Prince Harry’s sensational memoir “Spare” (“Reserve”) will be released on Tuesday (January 10). But because they were briefly available in several bookstores in Spain on Thursday, British media were able to secure copies in advance and publish spicy revelations.

In the autobiography, Harry bitterly reproaches his family, especially his brother William, and also his father Charles. So should Charles III. among other things, allegedly forbade his son from bringing his wife, Duchess Meghan, to the deathbed of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022).

“Angry, Scared and Sad”

Prince Harry is said to be no longer involved in Charles III’s coronation because of the autobiography. to play. Apparently, he does not want the dukes to kneel before him at the ceremony. Instead, according to the report, only heir to the throne Prince William will follow this tradition at the ceremony.

“Prince Harry was written out of the script for the coronation.” He has no “official role in the service if he attends it,” the Sunday Times said, citing an insider. In addition, friends of William said that the heir to the throne was “angry” but also “scared and sad” about his brother’s revelations. However, he will not fight back. William is silent “for the good of his family and the country,” a friend is said to have revealed.