Retirement savings plan: conditions, operation… All you need to know about the PER

Retirement savings plan or PER: a good solution or not?

At the moment, the subject of retirement is in everyone’s discussions. Indeed, the government has put in place its pension reform and it is obvious that the extension of the legal retirement age not liked by most people. Thus, many demonstrations and mobilizations are underway in France. To slightly change the angle while remaining on the subject of retirement, we will discuss the retirement savings plan or also called PER. We give you all information about this device. Is it interesting?

All PER conditions

The retirement savings plan or PER was created by the Pacte law. It is a long-term savings system which aims to create a additional resources for retirement. It can be in the form of capital, annuity or both. Indeed, it can be both a part in annuity and a part in capital.

The retirement savings plan brings together several products, such as the individual PER (PERIN), the collective company PER (PERECO) and the mandatory company PER (PERO).

Know that anyone can subscribe to a PER. Indeed, it is not conditional by your professional status or your age. To subscribe, you have several options. Indeed, you can go to an insurance company, a mutual insurance company, a provident institution, an asset manager or even a bank, etc.

Depending on your choice of contact, the retirement savings plan will be either an insurance contract or a securities account.

The owner of a retirement savings plan can make transfers whenever he wishes, so punctual. He also has the possibility to automate a monthly transfer. So he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. Then, each year, you will take stock with a manager who will keep you informed of the evolution of your PER.

Unlike other savings solutions, there is no no ceiling for the retirement savings plan. On the other hand, know that your money will be blocked until your retirement date. There are, however, a few exceptions.

A good way to prepare for the future?

The retirement savings plan is a solution that has many assets. Indeed, first of all, the saver benefits from a diet interesting tax. The amounts paid into the retirement savings plan account are deducted from the saver’s annual income. By declaring your PER to the tax authorities, you will reduce the amount of your taxes, within certain limits.

Some people are concerned about putting money into savings solutions that are not flexible. Indeed, with the current context, inflation, the energy crisis, the expenses are great for the French. So they need to know that in the event of hard times or major life changes, they will be able to access their money.

It is quite possible with the plan retirement savings. The investor can request a early release for several reasons: purchase of main residence, disability, over-indebtedness, etc. and receive compensation if an accident of life happens.