return to the terrible reason that took the actress at 47

The truth if I lie, how beautiful you are, The Tuches, First name… Valérie Benguigui has a successful filmography. The actress has indeed played in many cult films. Barely a few months after winning a César, she died at the age of 47. The disease that took her was breast cancer, Monday, September 2, 2013. Patrick Bruel, who gave her the reply in First name said he was upset.

She fought so hard. She’s been fighting this filth for three years. She had announced her illness to us during the performances of Le Prénom. We went through this magnificent adventure, the play and the film, with this dark cloud. And there, she went to the end of what she could do.“, he had indeed testified at the microphone of Europe 1.

In First name, Valérie Benguigui thus portrayed the character ofElizabeth.We had expected her for the film. She had gone through two remissions and then recently it completely deteriorated. It’s terribly sad.“, indeed added the singer.

“She went after what she could do.

In February 2013, she won the César for Best Supporting Actress for this role. A victory over disease. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to savor it. Unfortunately, the cancer from which she was stricken was incredibly violent, pitiless. It was such a shock for everyone. », says Patrick Bruel.

“I often think back to our laughter », he remembers, nostalgic. The death of his colleague changed his life. “After the Restos du Coeur, I will resume my tour. I would like to take more time for myself and my loved ones. », he thus concluded.

Geraldine Nakache in tears

Monday, May 30, 2022, Géraldine Nakache could not hide her emotion by evoking her friend. Guest on the show As an asideon Canal+, she indeed discovers an image of the film how beautiful you are. Géraldine Nakache then shared the poster Valérie Benguigui. The director could not hold back her tears. It is a film that has accompanied young and old alike. It’s like a delicacy, we look at it and we iron it again, she had indeed confided. If Géraldine Nakache does not watch her films when they are shown on television, she has one exception:This one is on repeat on TV on lots of channels and I must admit that when it is on it makes me feel good to watch it. I watch it to the end, it’s the only one.“, she says indeed.

Valérie was humor and love. She was an actress essential oil. She was to gambling what essential oils are to flowers. She was more than a friend, a kindred spirit.“, for his part indicated director Lisa Azuelos in the pages of Gala.

Valérie Benguigui: the incredible memory of Kev Adams

Saturday February 22, 2014, comedian Kev Adams also delivered his testimony on the airwaves of Europe 1. He thus returned to the filming of the film Sonwhere she plays her mother. I talked a lot with her. She was already sick when she toured with us and yet she had more energy than me, she had more of a smile. “He adds thus, touched:” She sent something so positive on the set that necessarily, it’s not bad, but I forgot that she was sick. You forget when people are so good, so strong. The young artist even said: The only thing that consoles me a bit is that she is marvelous in the film and I am happy that this is the memory that we keep of her.“, he explains indeed.