Returning to the royal family is unimaginable

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Prince Harry is probably finally breaking up: In an interview, the 38-year-old once again raised serious allegations against the British royal family. He could not imagine returning to the immediate family circle.

London – Prince Harry (38) says he cannot imagine returning to the closer circle of the British royal family. The 38-year-old answered a corresponding question from the US journalist Anderson Cooper with a resolute “no”, as can be seen in a short excerpt of an interview with the CBS broadcaster, which was published on Tuesday night. The interview is scheduled to air on Sunday (January 8), just two days before the scheduled release of Harry’s memoir, entitled Spare.

Prince Harry does not want a royal return – further allegations against Charles III. and Co. in an interview

In another clip, the prince raises serious allegations against the palace. Accordingly, journalists were secretly fed negative information about him and his wife Meghan (41), but the couple’s requests for replies to press articles were always rejected by the royal family. That’s why he decided to go public himself, Harry said, adding, “There comes a point when silence becomes treason.”

Returning to the royal family is unimaginable
Sad but honest words from Prince Harry: He cannot imagine ever returning to the inner circle of the British royal family (photomontage) © CoverSpot/Starface/Imago

The quotes contrast with statements that the British broadcaster ITV published in excerpts from its own interview on Monday. In it, Harry said he wanted his father and brother back. The ITV interview is also scheduled to air next Sunday.

British royal family at odds – Netflix documentary by Harry and Meghan caused displeasure

Harry and his wife Meghan had fallen out with the other royals and broke away from the inner circle of the royal family about three years ago. Especially with his father, King Charles III. (74) and his brother Prince William (40), who is now heir to the throne, Harry had fallen out.

Public statements and accusations had deepened the ditch. Most recently, Harry and Meghan poured fuel on the fire with a six-part Netflix docu-series in which they present their point of view. Most recently, however, the 38-year-old caused a completely different scandal: Prince Harry is said to have an “absolutely tasteless” deck of cards about the Queen. Sources used: German press agency