Reveal video of the rescue of Jeremmy Renner, actor of Avengers after accident

A video shows how the actor Jeremy Renner is transferred to a Hospital. The images begin moments after the actor was loaded into the helicopter at 9:50 am near his home in Nevada. According to some paramedics who carried out the rescue, the biggest concern was not the actor’s state of health, but the natural conditions of the area, since its difficult access could further complicate the rescue.

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Jeremy Renner, actor who plays the hero of the Marvel Cinematic World, ‘Hawkeye’, suffered an accident with the snow on January 1, in Nevada, United States. The actor and film producer underwent surgery twice, as his condition was critical.

Witnesses affirm that the actor was a quarter of a mile from his house, clearing the snow with a special vehicle, because the night before, a heavy snowfall had fallen, preventing his family from leaving their home in Tahoe.

His accident resulted in blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries and it is in this context that videos of the rescue of Jeremy Renner and the testimonies of his family, friends and representative are known.

In conversations with TMZ, Jeremy Renner’s family expressed their gratitude to his fans, the media, the Truckee Meadows Fire and Rescue Corps, the Washoe Sheriff and the Mayor of Reno, Nevada. “…his family is tremendously overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of love and support from his fans”said Renner’s rep.

According to a neighbor, the snowplow, Snowcat, at some point ran over one of the actor’s legs, causing him to lose a lot of blood. Witnesses also report that it was another neighbor, a doctor, who gave Renner first aid, putting a tourniquet on his leg until the paramedics arrived.

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In fact, another video shows how a huge crane is towing the Snowcat vehicle along a main road in Nevada. In the images, it cannot be seen if the snow machine was damaged, but relatives and neighbors affirm that Renner’s accident is rare, because the machine had several security measures to avoid any mishap; Even when the authorities arrived at the calls for help, they took the situation as a crime scene.

Hawkeye’s state of health

Despite the strength of his injuries, since the actor suffered chest trauma and orthopedic injuries, he underwent surgery twice. His representative and some doctors assure that he is in critical condition. No more is known about his state of health.