Revealed! Is she in the final?

Week after week, the candidates fight for “Germany’s Next Top Model” to get into the next round and finally get to the grand finale. Was the first finalist accidentally leaked?

  • Heidi Klum is looking for her 17th “Germany’s Next Top Model”
  • At the Berlin Fashion Week some candidates showed up
  • Was a finalist also revealed?

GNTM goes Berlin Fashion Week

In addition to the cover of Vogue, Fashion Week is probably one of the biggest dreams in the life of every young model, and for some of this year’s GNTM participants, this dream has now become reality after the nightmare of the makeover last week: This week is in Berlin the Berlin Fashion Week took place, and while Heidi’s girls watched from the edge, one or the other candidate was even allowed to walk the catwalk – at the request of the designer or as part of the show, will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The enthusiastic women insisted on giving one or two interviews and chatted openly and honestly to themselves. But they gave away a little too much, such as the Name of a finalist?

GNTM: Is she in the final?

When the “Gala” wanted to know which of the models the candidates would see in the final, Paulina answered evasively:

Difficult to say because we all deserved to win the title.

Competitor Jessica, on the other hand, gets specific:

I think, Martina is a top runner and I believe she will be until the final bring. She also knocks Heidi out with her performance every time.

Oops, did she actually reveal the name of a finalist, or is it really just her own impression? In any case, one thing is certain: she is not the only one who sees the potential in Martina, because the 50-year-old walked the catwalk for designer Kilian Kerner, who has often worked with Heidi and her candidates.

Will she actually make it to the final?

Source used: Gala