Revenge! After exhibiting his ‘new’ lover, Christian Nodal humiliates Belinda in the worst way

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Mexico City.- Apparently the ‘war’ of statements and hints between Christian Nodal Y Belinda continues because the singer confessed several things that are giving something to talk about after being captured with a new conquest some days ago.

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The Sonoran was captured a few days ago in Honduras with Mariana Garzamodel of the video for his song toxic lovewhich he recorded in 2020, when he was already a couple of the Spanish singer and actress, which for many is a blow to his ex.

Also, after he started receiving critics for his physical appearancebecause in addition to tattoo your face and taking off the ones that were made of Belinda was also stung by extra kilosthe interpreter of Goodbye Love reappeared visibly thinner.

At one point broadcast on the show windowing from Aztec TVNodal reappeared at a press conference in Guatemalawhere this weekend he suffered a fall on stage, to make a strong confession.

The singer said that This diet and has decided to pause the party to get your physique backhinting that already got over his ex-fiancéein addition to prohibiting the press from asking about his love life.

The truth is I’m taking care of myself, I’m treating myself well, because just like I told you, I had gone several days without sleeping, I don’t like that, I’m on a diet, I’m eating well, I got off alcohol, a little bit, so when I really do it is to enjoy the moment with people, but not anymore. Partying? No, not so much partying because I’m going to finish it”.

After thanking the great affection and acceptance that he has had in different countries, the interpreter gave a preview of what will be his next single, which is from heartbreak. It should be remembered that Belinda’s mother said that her daughter is doing the same.

In the song, Nodal would be launching a forceful message that for many is a new ‘revenge’ against Beli: “Last trodden” is heard in the lyrics.

Although he could not avoid questions about whether the topic is dedicated to Belinda, the singer said forcefully that he does not just write about something that is happening to him at that time, in addition to stating that he is happy single.

The songs are just songs, they don’t necessarily have to be what’s going on in life, the truth is I’m very happy”.

On the other hand, drivers from Ventaneando said that the interpreter of regional mexican He has just done the same as Belinda and her mother, as they revealed that they will open a labelsomething Beli’s mother announced last week.

He also commented that he will open a label and already has talent. What a coincidence that at the same time that Belinda and her mother let us know that they are also opening a label with two new talents … how are you? “, Announced Rosario Murrieta.

Could it be that this is a competition between the two artists three months after their breaking off? It is unknown, however, it is inevitable that each step they take is related to their separation, since it has been one of the most mediatic that has happened for a long time.

Source: Ventaneando YouTube channel, Mexico Agency and Instagram @nodalpaparazzi and @belindapop