Revenge: Oliver Pocher sends Fat Comedy criminal charges

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Revenge: Oliver Pocher sends Fat Comedy criminal charges
Oliver Pocher filed a criminal complaint after Fat Comedy slapped the face. (Photomontage) © Screenshot Instagram/oliverpocher & fat.comedy

After the fisticuffs of Fat Comedy, Oliver Pocher has now filed a criminal complaint. He wants to resolve the matter legally. Comedy reacts with a renewed provocation.

Cologne – The dispute between Fat Comedy and Oliver Pocher goes into the next round. During Felix Sturm’s boxing match, Fat Comedy, whose real name is Giuseppe Salvatore Sumrain, slapped the face from an ambush and uploaded the video to the internet. He showed insight on a YouTube video – after Pocher’s criminal complaint, he is now handing it out again.

Oliver Pocher files criminal charges against Fat Comedy and publishes it on Instagram

Oliver Pocher shares a “congratulations card by registered mail via lawyer” on Instagram – a criminal complaint from the Dortmund public prosecutor. Fat Comedy previously said he was “guided by his emotions.” On Instagram, Olli Pocher responded with the words: “Not really a sign of remorse”

Fat Comedy reacts to Pocher's criminal complaint.
Fat Comedy reacts to Pocher’s criminal complaint. © Screenshots Instagram/fat.comedy

Now Pocher has filed a criminal complaint, a “birthday present” for the internet comedian. A prerequisite for an upcoming trial involving bodily harm. And fat comedy? He has his own way of dealing with it. On his Instagram Stories, he shared a GIF of a hand handing out a slap without further comment.

Fat Comedy uploads new face slapping video

In other stories it said on the Instagram channel: “Karma is a hand” and “The bully is now a bully”. Pocher’s position is also clear, as picks up: “At the same time, he insults other people, threatens other crimes, but sells himself in front of the camera with a lawyer. He’s just mentally ill.” A clarifying conversation instead of the ad is out of the question, according to the newspaper from Pocher’s environment.

Also on social media, users discussed the slap and the apology that Fat Comedy later made via YouTube video. “Now he’s making sacrifices,” the fans said about the Pocher slap in the face, for example. Sources used:;;