Ricardo Arjona returns to Mexico with his “Black and White” tour that will step on Querétaro

Mexico.- On April 11 Ricardo Arjona announced on social networks his return to Mexico, this time with “Black and White Tour” which will start its journey in Guadalajara and Queretaro.

Arjona in concert. Photo: Special.

Just a few days after this show was announced, the tickets sold like ‘hot cakes’ forcing the production to open a new date in this city and in the city of Monterrey.

Ricardo has an appointment with the Mexicans in October. Photo: Special.

The confirmed dates for this tour are: Guadalajara October 11, Querétaro October 14, Oaxaca October 22, Veracruz October 23, Torreón October 28.

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The Guatemalan singer ended his tour on the West Coast of the USA with a flourish, at the Crypto.com colossus in the city of Los Angeles, where the public pleasantly surprised him by wearing the venue in black and white while waving white shirts. and black for more than three minutes, as a symbol of admiration for the artist and gratitude for the great show he offers on his tour.

Ricardo Arjona presents: ‘Black and White’ tour. Photo: Special.

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