Ricardo Crespo, former Garibaldi, is sentenced to 19 years in prison for abusing his daughter

The singer Ricardo Crespo, former member of the Garibaldi group, He was sentenced to 19 years in prison for sexual abuse against his daughter.

Through a statement, the RPRC Lawyers office of Mexico City announced the sentence that was imposed on him when he was found guilty of the crime of aggravated sexual abuse that he exercised against his daughter since she was five years old and for nearly a decade.

The office expressed that it hopes that obtaining justice in favor of the victim will support the “recovery of a full life” for her and her family. He also assured that the process was carried out under the principles of “partiality and objectivity” by the judicial authorities in matters of sexual offences.

The actor was reported end of 2020 by her daughter, supported by her mother María Angélica. The Prosecutor for the Investigation of Sexual Crimes indicated at that time that the defendant could have “induced her daughter to perform sexual acts such as touching the body and intimate areas.” In September 2021 the actor was arrested and placed in custody. preventive prison until the legal process began.

Through her social networks, Valentina echoed her complaint as a preventive measure for other women.

“I know that it can help thousands and thousands of boys and girls. Having talked about it was like removing the knife that was stuck, a thousand knives that were stuck throughout your body, person and mind, you take them out and stop what is happening to you ; whoever judges you is a heartless person, a person who has no values ​​or the slightest idea of ​​absolutely anything. But, you know, the change begins with you, let’s start the real change, “said the victim in a video that he shared with his followers.

Ricardo Crespo, 46, has collaborated on several television series, some of them available on Netflix: Control Z, The Pilot 2 and The Dragon. Also, as a singer, pparticipated in the last generation of the Garibaldi group.