Ricardo Crespo’s daughter breaks the silence after sentencing the actor for sexually abusing her | Famous

According to the authority, the also actor actively committed the crime while his daughter was between 5 to 14 years.

It was until last Friday, May 13, when Valentina Crespo gave her first statements after the sentence was made public.

Ricardo Crespo’s daughter makes a call to his case

The minor reappeared on her Instagram account to issue a statement regarding the news about the sentence that her father received.

She was forceful towards some media that, according to her, have distorted certain information about her case and to those who demanded “responsibility”.

“I ask the media that have been inventing and talking more about what I lived“, wrote.

It’s tiring to see how they invent things without knowing even 1% of what I lived or what I am living,” he added.

In the final part, he asked ” that the information about my case is treated responsibly because there are communicators who are lying”.

The teenager did not specify the inaccuracies that, according to her, certain media or “communicators” have committed.

In the statement, he tagged the RPRC Abogados law firm, who took the defense of his case before the Mexican courts.

During the early hours of this Sunday, May 15, he also posted a couple of clips from what seemed to be a nightclub.

The case of Ricardo Crespo

As he told in an interview with ‘Venga la alegría’ in March 2021, the minor informed him in October 2020 of the abuse he suffered from years ago by the artist.

In a statement, he said he was “shocked, stunned and stunned at the seriousness of the criminal charges brought against me,” which he described as “monstrous”.