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The host of the YouTube show “Speaking Eggs”, Ricardo Mendozanarrated a particular episode that he lived, when he was a child, together with the former children’s cheerleader Maria Pia Copello.

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“I have an aberration, not because of Ana Carina, who I like, but because of María Pía. I don’t like María Pía, I never liked her. I went to her show, she treated us bad. She told us: ‘Can you shut up?’”, Mendoza said in one of the first broadcasts of his program.

As you remember, the former presenter of Esto Es Guerra led, years ago, a children’s program called “María Pía y Timoteo”. The objective of the television space was to entertain children and invite them to participate in fun games.

In this sense, his driving partner, Jorge Luna, questioned Mendoza in what situation he was attacked by Copello.

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“All the kids were making buns and it was that game where the juices were fighting and they had given us ‘Chocomel’ (…) There was a kid from my school who was playing (…) and she got upset and told us ‘You can shut up’ , and the clowns had to reassure her,” added the “humorist.”

It should be noted that, days ago, the actress Nataniel Sánchez confessed that a well-known former children’s cheerleader yelled at her when she was only 10 years old. As she indicated, the presenter’s fury was unleashed after accusing her of “getting confused” in the steps of a choreography.

MAIL |  Ricardo Mendoza reveals why "he doesn't like it" Maria Pia Copello