Ricardo Montaner and Marlene Rodríguez have the secrets to being a healthy and lasting couple – Nueva Mujer

Ricardo Montaner and Marlene Rodríguez have become one of the most admired couples in the world of the show, since both have been together for years and are one of the most stable couples among fans.

The couple met several years ago, when he was a guest from her first marriage and attended the ceremony. “It was at his wedding. They invited me and there I entered their wedding. She received me, ”revealed the singer.

Although both were previously married, time passed and destiny did its thing so that they would meet again at the perfect moment.

When both were separated they decided to give themselves a chance and in 1989 they said yes. They decided to renew their vows every 5 years and it is a tradition that they do not forget under any circumstances.

“Together in black and white or in color. 32 years of casadis and many others together… I choose you again without hesitation over and over again. Even if we sometimes drift, you are the man he made for me and we continue like this because God wanted it that way and that’s good. What a good plan it has been to be by your side ”, were part of the words that Marlene dedicated to her husband in a publication.

Ricardo Montaner and Marlene Rodríguez follow these tips to have a lasting relationship

Express your love frequently

Both are in charge of manifesting the deep love they feel for each other, dIn a way, they recognize their happiness from the feelings they have for each other.

have special moments

The couple takes it upon themselves to have valuable experiences as a couple, so they always find new memories that rekindle that love they feel for each other.

renew relationship

Vow renewal is a way to remember why you were chosen and manages to charm both in their relationship. This strengthens them as a couple.

Respect each other’s spaces

Although they are very close, each one has their own spaces and projects. In this way they are strong individuals individually and together they are a great team.

share values

The two practice the Christian religion and agree on their values, this facilitates understanding between them.