Rich Paul and Adele, the possibility of enlarging the family

Last February 8 Adele alarmed her followers with possible engagement rumors after wearing a diamond ring at the BRIT Awards, an accessory that was shaped like a tear and that she wore on her left hand.

The truth is that the couple has always tried to be quite discreet with the things of their intimacy. But now, the celebrity boyfriend has ignited the rumors, again mentioning a possible marriage during a interview in which he stated that he wants to start a family next to the singer.

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The now 40-year-old sports star agent already has a daughter, which he had when he was quite young. Reason why he wants to experience being a different father and why he clearly wants to do it with Adele, with whom he even recently went to live in a mansion in Los Angeles, same that was owned by Sylvester Stallone.

“As a young father, growing a business was hard enough. But now I see myself as an older father and my children are much older, and obviously, if I had more children … I hope to be a different father, a more patient father, ”Rich commented during the interview with E! News. “Often when you’re building a business, you’re on the go, constantly on the move, kids grow up fast in the blink of an eye. The next thing is that they are already walking and riding the bike, running and going around and that is the problem, ”he added in his confession.

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Let us remember that, on the other hand, Adele is the mother of her little Angelo, who is currently nine years old and who was the result of her relationship with Simon Konecki. Although now her opinion is unknown regarding the wishes of her current partner, the truth is that for her her first motherhood was quite complex because she hid her pregnancy during her first seven months of gestation and announced it two months before giving birth.

Adele for now continues to surprise her fans with her drastic physical changebecause it is no secret to anyone that now it looks a quite sculptural body that makes her look and feel healthieras he has stated in some interviews.

The singer underwent surgery, but she has also been quite careful with her diet, following to the letter the process dictated by the professional who has treated her in recent years.