Richard Gere: New house bought by Paul Simon

Richard Gere has a penchant for luxury homes. He already owns many properties. Now the 72-year-old has bought the next dream property.

Actor Richard Gere, best known from the films “Pretty Woman” and “American Gigolo”, has a penchant for beautiful, but at the same time very expensive real estate. When the 72-year-old recently found out that music legend Paul Simon and his wife Edie Brickell were selling their house in the US state of Connecticut, he pricked up his ears. The huge property is in New Canaan, one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. But it wasn’t just the reputation of the prosperous area that immediately convinced Richard Gere; the property, with its unmistakable charm, also cast a spell over the actor.

Would you like to see the fantastically beautiful exterior and interior of Richard Gere’s newest house? Then click through the gallery above.

Richard Gere and his wife Alejandra Silva have bought another dream house in the USA.

Richard Gere and his wife Alejandra Silva have bought another dream house in the USA.
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Richard Gere and his multi-million dollar real estate

Said property is situated on a hill. From there you can see lush green hills and a private pond. There are also countless green plants all around, which provide shady places in summer. A mix of different natural materials, mainly wood, can be found everywhere inside the house. In combination with the colour-coordinated accents, this ensures a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. The various living and entertaining spaces in the house also include six bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. But that’s not all. The whole thing is topped again in the master bedroom, because two separate bathrooms and a fireplace have been installed here.

In the gallery below you can see Richard Gere’s former ranch. He sold her for around 25 million euros.

Richard Gere

As romantic as his film roles: he sells his ranch for 25 million euros

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The “Pretty Woman” star is moving in with his wife and their two children

Another highlight of the luxury property is the kitchen. It offers more than enough space for Richard Gere, his wife Alejandra Silvia (39) and their two children. The countertops, which are made of white marble, are particularly striking and beautiful. The spacious conservatory is not far from the kitchen. There you have a great view of the far-reaching nature in the park-like garden. In general, many large windows are installed in the multi-million dollar house, the exact purchase price of which is not known. Not only do they allow plenty of daylight to shine inside, they also allow a view outside at all times.

In the video below you can see the turtle performance of Richard Gere and his third wife Alejandra Silva.

Turtle appearance with his beautiful wife Alejandra Silva (39)

Richard Gere is in love with his wife Alejandra Silva.
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