Ricky Martin charged with domestic violence

SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO.- The singer Ricky Martin was accused of domestic violence and a restraining order was requested, as reported by several Puerto Rican media.

So far it is unknown who is the person who filed the complaint against the Puerto Rican singer.

Said information reports that the person in question has requested a temporary restraining order against the artist through the Law 54 of Domestic Violencein a town near San Juan, as it was transmitted by the Press Office of the Hato Rey Command of the Police Bureau.

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Little is known about the lawsuit, but it is known that the individual in question is an outsider to the media and entertainment world. In addition, it was learned that he appeared in court using his right to request a temporary restraining order, without going through the police first.

According to TMZ, which refers to reports from another medium that claims to have the official documents of the case, it is about a person with whom Martin had a relationship for 7 months and who separated two years ago.

“She calls him frequently. In addition, the plaintiff has seen him loitering around his house on at least three occasions and fears for his safety, ”says the alleged complaint.

Although the singer of “Livin the crazy life” has not spoken, one of its representatives mentioned to the people magazine that “the allegations against Ricky Martin that speak of a protection order are totally false and fabricated. We are convinced that when the true facts come to light on this matter, our client Ricky Martin will be proven totally innocent.”