Ricky Martin concert canceled in Mexico for failing to comply with security measures | shows

MEXICO CITY — The authorities of a state in central Mexico, where two weeks ago there were violent incidents during a soccer game that left dozens injured, canceled a Ricky Martin concert on Friday night, alleging that security requirements were not met. .

The suspension of the Puerto Rican singer’s show occurred a few hours before the show began at the Club Hípico Juriquilla in Querétaro, where thousands of followers of the artist attended, who left upset after the untimely cancellation.

Around midnight, Civil Protection of Querétaro announced in a video, which it posted on Twitter, that The cancellation of the event occurred after it was verified “the lack of compliance with security measures for the protection of civilians”, in particular in the logistics and operations processes.

The show was part of the “Movimiento Tour” tour that began this month, and has been presented in several cities in Mexico, including the Mexican capital, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Veracruz.

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After the suspension of the show in Querétaro on the artist’s social networks, it was reported that the show that Martin planned to perform in the capital of the central state of Zacatecas on March 20 was also canceled due to “circumstances completely unrelated to the artist and his work team. ”.

In the central city of Querétaro, a violent incident was recorded on March 5 during a match for the Clausura tournament that was interrupted after 62 minutes when fans entered the field looking to get away from the fight between the Querétaro and Atlas teams. .

The pitched battle that took place at the La Corregidora stadium between soccer fans, which left 26 injured, sparked great controversy and strong questions about the security measures followed in Mexican stadiums during sporting and massive events.

After the violent incident, the authorities arrested 27 people for their alleged responsibility in the attacks on fans, and the director of the state police was dismissed.

The Disciplinary Commission of the Mexican Football Federation agreed that the Querétaro team must play its home games without an audience for one year, while its fans will not be able to attend away games for three years. Likewise, the Disciplinary Commission disqualified the leaders of the Querétaro club for five years from any sports activity in Mexico.

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