Ricky Martin gets pedicures with his kids

Ricky Martin criticized for getting pedicures with his children. Instagram Special

Through social networks, Ricky Martin shared a publication that was criticized, since it appears getting a pedicure in the company of her little onesan action that many users applauded, while others took it negatively.

Ricky Martin celebrated his birthday a few years ago desire to be a fatherso she enjoys the time with her little ones to the fullest when she is not working, and apparently a routine to beautify and take care of her image is important, so much so that she often gets a pedicure.

A habit that he is instilling in his children, so he did not hesitate to publish a tub of water where his feet appear and four more, which indicates that he is accompanied by his two young children, Lucía and Renn, divinely enjoying this moment.

Something special that was the reason for negative and positive comments, “Father-child time is the best in the world!”, “Is it a TB? Because the children must be big by now”, “Poor children”, “Those little feet kill me with love”

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Although what hurt them the most and what their fans highlighted were the ugly feet that Ricky Martin has, “Grandfather feet”, “I was in love with you until I saw your feet”, “Riky got screwed, he will lose his Fame because there are people who He doesn’t like his feet”, “You were so perfect”

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And well, the truth is that yes, his feet are not the most beautiful, but they make him spend beautiful moments in the company of his little ones, one of the reasons why not ashamed to show them to the public, always so sure of himself.

Who are the children of Ricky Martín

His first two children were born through surrogacy, Matteo and Valentino. Some time later and after marrying the visual artist Jwan Yosef, the singer expanded her family and had Lucía and Renn, the first born in 2018 and the second in 2019.

A very nice family Ricky Martin He boasts on his social networks with different photographs, without a doubt he found love in this Syrian artist. So far they are the only news that the singer has published for his followers.

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