Ricky Martin shares a photo with her husband in bed and turns on the networks – New Woman

In recent months, Ricky Martin has not ceased to face various controversiesWell, let’s remember that he was sued by his nephew Dennis Yadiel Sánchez for an alleged sexual assault.

These conflicts that the famous singer faces have generated various rumors that even point to serious marital conflicts with her husband, Jwan Yosef, however, all these speculations were left behind after the artist shared a tender image with her husband in bed.

Although the artist confessed to being very affected by the situation he faces with this member of his familyalso stressed that he is willing to fight for his name to be cleared, since, as he stated, all the accusations are false.

Now it seems that Ricky has the unconditional support of her husbandwith whom not only has he been in a relationship for several years, but has formed a family with four children.

In the image, the couple appears lying in their bed before going to sleep. It’s Ricky who takes a selfie with a funny expression on his facewhile her husband poses making a sign with his hand.

“Happy to fall into bed after 14 hours of filming per day since last Monday. Working with the mega team of professionals and creatives since last May has been a dream. Love to all the amazing co-actors and production crew.” the singer wrote.

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef show their love without fear

Although the couple has been heavily criticized for having started a family, both have shown that bad comments are not important to them and because of that, they keep showing their love constantly.

The photos of both sharing in important moments, the constant support shown in public events and those images in which the whole family gets together are part of what they project on social networks.