Ricky Martin’s brother reveals who accused the singer of domestic violence

SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO.- The alleged complaint for domestic violence to the singer Ricky Martin stole the headlines last weekend, however, the name of the complainant was not known until a few hours ago, when his brother Eric Martin broke the silence on the subject.

Through a video on his Facebook account, the artist’s brother clarified the situation and revealed that it was his nephew who accused the singer, as he has “mental problems.”

The previous clarification was due to various rumors indicating that the accusation would have been made by a ‘lover’ of his brother.

“This is a message for my dear nephew, that I love him in my soul and his family loves him in my soul,” the video begins, “for him to have mental problems is another 20 pesos and we have been fighting all our lives for that , but that is not known because he remains silent, “he began by saying.

And it is that according to the brother of the interpreter of ‘It is not taken from me’, the little one -whose name he did not mention- would be lying on the subject, so he said that hopefully the false accusation will be punished and that a sentence will be imposed on him rehabilitation.

“If someone has made a mistake here, they must be penalized, but more importantly, they must be rehabilitated, be very careful with Law 54,” he argued indignantly inside his car.

This was the statement issued by the Puerto Rican singer.