Riddled with debts, his regrets as a father, his relationship with Évelyne Bouix… time for confessions!

Pierre Arditi returned with an open heart to the subject of his past addictions which plunged him for a decade into the hell of debt, at the microphone of radio Europe 1. The 78-year-old actor also mentioned several subjects of his private life…

Pierre Arditi is not ashamed to talk about his past demons. The comedian, currently starring in the film Master(s) at the cinema with Yvan Attal, confided without restraint at the microphone of the radio European 1this Monday, December 19, 2022. Guest of journalist Sonia Mabrouk on the show The Interviewhe notably recounted how his addiction to games caused him great financial worries.

Pierre Arditi riddled with debts: it took years to get out of it

At one time, I was blazing, said the 78-year-old actor. I was a real gamer that is to say, I was going to play in clubs and in casinos. It will take him several years to pull himself together: a decade, to be precise. A long obstacle course for Pierre Arditi. “One day my narcissism saved me because I was losing myself, he added. I said to myself : ‘I may take ten years to repay what I owe’ after stupidly losing it and having lost his mind.

Pierre Arditi: a bad father?

Pierre Arditi then lamented the current world in which his children live. The star has a son, Frédéric Arditi (53 years old), born of his union with the actress Florence Giorgetti. He also raised Salomé Lelouch with his current wife. “We are seeing a system that was the best in the world completely collapse, he lamented. We have the right to press this key by saying now: do we let this thing deteriorate or else do we intervene and take our responsibilities? The star, who was a long-time leftist, added: “We are also here to make sure that others are less ill these days.”

Always with disconcerting outspokenness, Pierre Arditi estimated during his interview to be “one of his own son’s killers”recounting that he and his ex-wife Florence Giorgetti were building their careers at the time of his birth. “He did not have what a child expects from his father and his mother”he confided. “We paid him a lot of money. (…) He didn’t call anymore.” Fortunately, father and son are reconciled. “Now it’s over, everything’s gone.”

A free love on the arm of Évelyne Bouix

On the heart side, Pierre Arditi has found love in the arms of Évelyne Bouix whom he married in 2010. However, they have been together for more than 35 years. The 69-year-old actress was not very keen on getting married. With Pierre Arditi, they both lived independently. “We each had our apartment, said the septuagenarian to Gala. We tamed each other like that. Then we ended up living together. We took our time.”

Referring to the subject of marriage, the actor remembers his first time in front of the mayor: “Curiously, belonging to a generation that lived through the great freedom of morals of the 1970s, I remember that when we got married to Florence, we had the impression that a sort of invisible chain now bound us together. to each other, whereas until then we were twirling and very freeTo not say libertarians. Marriage suddenly seemed like a binding tie, something that made life more delicate, with obligations.

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