Rihanna pregnant, her companion A$AP Rocky arrested by the police

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Wednesday at the Los Angeles airport, A$AP Rocky was arrested while returning from vacation with his pregnant girlfriend, who is none other than Rihanna.

On April 20, rapper A$AP Rocky was arrested at Los Angeles airport while returning from his vacation in Barbados. Stay he had spent alongside his partner Rihanna, who is expecting their first child. If neither of them has yet spoken about this arrest, a relative of the singer has given her news. “This drama is the last thing Rihanna needs right now. She wants to be calm, relaxed and 100% focused on the arrival of her baby, without stressing. They really didn’t see this arrest coming,” a magazine source said on Thursday.EntertainmentTonight “.

Currently in the third and last trimester of her pregnancy, the businesswoman had spent a few days with her family and her companion in Barbados, the Caribbean island where she is from. Also according to the source, the founder of “Fenty Beauty” wanted to “manage the media coverage of her pregnancy on her own terms”, but “suddenly, events (became) out of control”.

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An investigation far from over

After being arrested, A$AP Rocky was remanded in custody. Los Angeles police confirmed in a statement that this arrest was related to a shooting that occurred on November 6, 2021, in Los Angeles, near Vista Del Mar and Selmar Avenue. According to the victim, who survived, the rapper and two other men approached her with a handgun. A$AP Rocky allegedly shot him three or four times and a bullet grazed his hand.

A few hours later, the rapper was released after paying nearly 550,000 dollars, or nearly 500,000 euros. His Californian home was also searched by the police, who recovered several documents. The investigation is still ongoing.

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