Rihanna shocked by the arrest of her companion A$AP Rocky: the scene took place before her eyes at the airport

American rapper A$AP Rocky, companion of Rihanna, was arrested Wednesday at the Los Angeles airport on suspicion of involvement in a shooting last November, police said.

Real name Rakim Mayers, the musician was arrested by the police following a “dispute between two acquaintances”, November 6, 2021 in Hollywood, in which “the suspect fired a handgun at the victim .”

33-year-old A$AP Rocky was arrested, according to the TMZ news site, when he got off a private jet from Barbados, where his girlfriend, singer Rihanna, is from, with whom he waits a kid.

The victim of the shooting(s) last November has not been named by police and suffers minor injuries. The suspect, who left with two other men, was later identified as Rakim Mayers. The latter’s lawyer did not immediately respond to AFP’s requests. A$AP Rocky was sentenced in August 2019 to a suspended prison sentence for violence after a street brawl in Stockholm.

Upon his arrest at Los Angeles airport, A$AP Rocky was taken completely by surprise by officers when they showed up at a private terminal at LAX and handcuffed him as a woman looked on. Rihanna pregnant and just as shocked.

Officers chose not to notify Rocky or his team. According to TMZ, the arrest had been planned for more than a week.

According to the American media, there is a very common procedure that the LAPD and other departments use when arresting a suspect, and that is voluntary surrender. Police usually call the suspect’s attorney or other representative and arrange for the suspect to turn himself in without fanfare. That’s not what happened here. The rapper and his team can’t understand why because A$AP Rocky was not going to escape because his girlfriend Rihanna is in the third trimester of her pregnancy.

According to TMZ, police took A$AP Rocky by surprise to see if officers could find the weapon used in the shooting in which a bullet grazed the victim’s hand. That’s why they coordinated the arrest and the search of his home so that both happened at the same time.

Also according to TMZ, at least 10 police officers were waiting for Rocky when his private jet pulled up to the terminal and that’s where they handcuffed him and took him away. Rihanna and her boyfriend were on their way back from Barbados.

Rihanna wanted to go to his house on Wednesday morning to pick up some of his belongings, but the police did not let her in, reports the media.

The rapper posted $550,000 bail on Wednesday and was released. The prosecutor is in charge of the case and should soon decide whether to press charges.

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