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With his EP, Six songs and a tequila, the romantic duet Río Roma formalized its relationship with the so-called regional Mexican. And it is that, according to what they say, they had already wanted to do something in this style for several years, for which they have always felt attracted.

“With this project we want people to also get to know this part of Río Roma, where they know that if they attend a palenque they will be able to have a bottle of tequila listening to Río Roma accompanying their music with mariachis,” they assured.

In fact, the brothers say that the true meaning of the title Six songs and a tequilacan have many interpretations:

“When we put six songs on it, we did not mean that it is not a complete album, and a tequila refers to a direct approach to Mexican culture, it is like saying: we are Río Roma, we will always be Río Roma and we are not going to change to regional Mexican , simply these are six songs and a tequila, it’s like saying, I’m going to have a tequila with six friends. In fact, this is what it was going to be called: Six friends and a tequila”, they said.

They say that for the release of their latest single “Tú me gustas”, they wanted to take Carín Léon to the field of romantic ballads:

“What we did was move Carín to our land, however, we have another song with him, in which we moved to his, but that song will come out later,” they advanced.

They succeed with another style

The singers shared that their most recent single, “Tú me gustas” has had better results than they expected:

“This single has been liked a lot and the people themselves have been adopting it. We know that this is going to be one of the songs that came to stay in our usual concerts”.

They also recognized that today the public is the one who decides what becomes a success and what does not:

“So much music is released today that people have the power to decide which ones go and which ones stay, but we are very happy that a few days after its release it already has more than three million views on YouTube.”

Although the main theme of their songs is love, their new single directly addresses the subject of marriage, although they do not consider this to be the most romantic song they have released:

“Yes, it is one of the most romantic, but we have others that present you with a pure fulfillment in love.”

Due to the very nature of their songs, they consider that they are made to dedicate themselves once in a lifetime:

“Our singles tell you about a level of fullness in love so high that you don’t dedicate them to just anyone, that is, they are themes that you dedicate once in your life.”

own stamp

José Luis and Raúl are sure that their identity as a duet will always be the same and they assure that their label will not change even though they collaborate with artists from other genres:

“We will always have ‘My Favorite Person’, ‘That’s Why I Love You’ and all those songs, pop ballads have always been and are our thing.”

The brothers recognized that like Río Roma they have several characteristics that differentiate them from other artists of the genre:

“One of our hallmarks is the simplicity of our lyrics; something very particular about us is that we use everyday and simple phrases, however, it is not easy to write something simple and above all to convey what you want to say”.

They also commented that another reason people recognize their music is the harmony of their voices:

“Despite being brothers, we have different colors in our voices and that makes them complement each other. There are brothers or sisters who sing very similarly and when they sing their voices sound identical, but in our case yes, each one has their part, their line and their color”.

For his part, José Luis, who has composed all the songs of the duet, expressed that his melodic lines make the songs he composes recognizable and unique:

“When I do a project for another artist, people listen to the song and say: It’s like Rio Roma, because they are pop lyrics without much complication and with long notes, which are not that far-fetched in my mind.”

He added that both artists and people recognize his musical stamp:

“Sometimes they ask me, is the new Yuridia yours? o Is the new Ha*Ash yours? All of that comes from people who recognize our own music label and what we want to convey with it.”

Among his musical compositions stand out “Everything Changed”, with Camila, as well as “Where do you get that from?”, “I leave you in freedom”, “Forgive me” and “I learned it from you”, the four co-authored with Ha* Ash and performed by the female duet.

Other of his popular compositions, performed by other artists, are: “It’s too late”, popularized by the voice of Yuridia, “Amore Mío”, with Thalía and “Caballero”, performed by Alejandro Fernández.

The pandemic opened new paths for them

Although they say that the first six months of the pandemic were the most difficult for them, Raúl and José Luis recognized the positive aspects that the time of crisis left them, as artists and as brothers:

“This time at home gave us the chance to open ourselves to new opportunities and the most important of them was to return to our roots by carrying out the making of this EP, which although it does not contain material related to the crisis, the idea was conceived and formalized during her,” they said.

The space and time at home gave them the opportunity to combine everything that people liked about them and create something that they consider new:

“During the pandemic we did many things, including the song” Gracias un Millón “, which was created thanks to all the feelings and emotions that the crisis made us feel.”

Raúl added that even being family, there are things that they did not know about each other:

“I think you never stop meeting people and especially in times of crisis where you are 24/7 with someone.”

Ready for the stages

With its new tour Rojo Tour 2022, Río Roma intends to transmit much more than new music to its followers:

“Part of the purpose of the show is love, but also energy, because what we want is for the whole experience on the show to be very uplifting and inspiring; We have all gone through super complicated moments and we feel that this is our grain of sand so that there is a change and that people feel calmer, full of love.

The duet shared that they will have new moments in their concerts:

“We have planned a dynamic with the public so that they can get on stage and live a bohemian, real moment with Río Roma and with the Mexican regional, we believe that this is a good way to pamper and wrap them.”

They say that the name of the tour is an invitation to all people to celebrate life:

“It’s called Rojo Tour, but we add Intenso, with which we want to celebrate that we are alive, because after all, now we are valuing life and we want people to leave our show wanting to live and feel.”

They assure that their goal is to make people get carried away by life and enjoy every moment:

“There are many people today who do not let themselves be felt and that is how they go through life, when in reality what we come to is to feel and express all that we feel.”

The duet remains optimistic about the reactions that their audience will have at the end of each show:

“We hope that the people who go to our concerts enjoy much more than the songs, we want them to leave with the desire to love and to celebrate that we are alive”.

11 years of career

Raúl and José Luis Roma are completing 11 years of career, for which they say they feel grateful to their Mexican fans:

“We are eternally grateful to our audience in Mexico because thanks to them, Rio Roma has become what it is today.”

They also recognize the great potential that the people of this country have:

“Mexico is its people and in times as rare and complicated as the ones we are experiencing everywhere, we have to get the best out of ourselves, bring out our empathy, an aspect that I consider to be super important and that we should have all the Mexicans”.

Finally, they thanked their fans for giving them a place in their playlists and in their hearts:

“Thanks to the people, today we have a place in the Mexican ballad, which is so important and admired throughout Latin America and Ibero-America, so being able to be there and have a place in the hearts of the people is something invaluable. A few years ago we said: We want to be the legend of Mexican romanticism, that is our goal and we are going to achieve it”, they pointed out.

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