Riqui Puig, Gerard Piqué’s friend who consented to his infidelity with Clara Chía, reappears at an Ozuna concert; he posts an image with the phrase “It was not your fault” from the song “Monotonía” by Shakira | People | Entertainment

Since Shakira premiered “I congratulate you”, “Monotonía” and “BZRP Session 53”, Gerard Piqué has been rejected by all the followers of the Colombian, after his infidelity with Clara Chía Martí was confirmed.

The followers of the Barranquillera do not seem to be close to forgiving the Spaniard, much less the artist, who in her new song launched strong hints at her ex and her current girlfriend. Now, a new element has joined the debate that continues to be a trend on social networks: Riqui Puig, a friend of Piqué, shared on his networks that he was at the Ozuna concert.

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Gerard Piqué’s friend reappears singing “Monotonía”

Puig, who met Piqué while playing for FC Barcelona, ​​showed his followers that he attended an Ozuna concert in Los Angeles, United States, but the surprise was that the midfielder sang “Monotonía” at the top of his lungs, a song that Shakira dedicated to their friend.

In the image, which went viral on different social networks, you can see the stage where the Puerto Rican sang and in the background the phrase: “It wasn’t your fault”, which was addressed directly to Piqué on Shakira’s song.

While many fans take Puig’s post as a joke, others call him a bad friend for making fun of Piqué, Semana wrote.

The Los Angeles Galaxy player repeatedly states that he has had a great friendship with Piqué for years. Even when the former defender of the Spanish team retired, he made a post to show his support.

Riqui Puig was one of Piqué’s friends who accompanied him to the parties where he met Clara Chía Martí and consented to their nocturnal adventures in La Traviesa and Bling Bling, where they used to attend, according to the Spanish press.

On the other hand, there is a new rumor where Piqué’s friend would also be involved. The journalist Jordi Martin caught the attention of all his followers when he published the profile of the young lawyer Julia Puig and sent a harsh warning to the former soccer player. However, he deleted the post hours later.

“Do you know her, Gerard Piqué? Then don’t be surprised that Shakira throws the whole world at you “, was the text that the journalist wrote to accompany the postcard.

Netizens quickly linked the mysterious lawyer as a possible relative of Riqui Puig and some even affirmed that she would be Piqué’s new conquest, although the “Mamarazzis” denied the possible infidelity. (AND)

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