RKM & Ken-Y excited to return to Peru: “They have always treated us with great affection” La Formula Fest Celebs RMMN | SHOWS

After several years of having separated to continue as soloists, the legendary reggaeton duo RKM & Ken-Yreturns to Lima to participate in the concert called “La Formula Fest”, together with Maldy from Plan B and Dj Peligro, representing Peru.

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The shows that will be offered in our country will take place on Friday, April 1 at the Jardín de la Cerveza in Arequipa, on Saturday 2 at Arena 1 on the Costa Verde and 3 at the Hacienda Pichoc Club in Cuzco.

The duo, which was formed in 2003, will give three concerts in Peru and It is part of the reactivation that is taking place in the entertainment and music sector in our country, after the paralysis of more than two years that this item suffered due to the health crisis due to the Covid 19 pandemic

“Even though we had a professional divorce, We must confess that we have a lot of chemistry as artists and friends when it comes to doing things together, it’s something we’ve developed as a duo; It is something that stayed with us, despite the fact that we took paths as soloists”RKM & Ken-Y agreed.

“It is very easy for us to reach agreements. Because of that, they still see us on stage together.”added the artists, who usually sing to love to relieve heartbreak.

The Puerto Rican singers did not hide their excitement at presenting the best of their repertoire to their Peruvian fans, who at all times have given them unconditional support and They assured that they were happy to have the opportunity to visit the imperial city of Cuzco.

“Peru has always treated us with great affection and being with you has always been a beautiful experience. We love your food, your women, your people, thank you for supporting our career at all times”RKM said.

Among the most outstanding songs of the reggaeton duo, RKM & Ken-Y, are “Like yesterday”, “Tonta”, “Zum Zum”, “A dream”, “I give you love”, “One more night”, and recently “Mask”. It should be noted that Tickets for the show in Lima can be purchased through teleticket.


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