Robert Geiss on his wealth

Robert Geiss and his family are known for leading a luxurious lifestyle. Now he has revealed how much money he really has on the side.

The German entrepreneur, Robert Geiss, is best known for the TV series “The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family”. In the “OMR” podcast he has now revealed how much money he has on the high edge. “I’ve got the 100 million euros,” he says in it, but also explains that this is the pension and therefore the basis for being able to live quietly even at 70 years of age.

However, the family is not aloof, the multimillionaire asserts. Because of the place of residence, which is in Monaco, they don’t feel special or better since much richer people would live there. “When you go into the port, there are boats that are 100 or even 120 meters long. There are models that cost 500 million euros. That means you just feel normal down there. And we just feel normal too . We’re not aloof, even when we’re driving the yacht,” says the TV star.

That’s how he earned his first million

Together with his brother, he built the fashion brand “Uncle Sam” in the 80s and earned his first million. Around ten years later they sold the company for almost 140 million marks. For almost 12 years, the family has been known to a larger audience through their television show. There are already 20 seasons of the cult show in total.