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Even though Robert Pattinson At first he joked that he was not training for his leading role as ‘Batman’ in the film directed by Matt Reeves, the actor would not imagine that these words would later haunt him in his career.

Later, he went on to comment in various interviews that he found the entire world of rigorous training toxic, commenting on how demanding it is for actors to have figures this lean and muscular.

“Even if you’re just watching the calories you take in, it’s extraordinarily addictive. And you don’t realize how damaging it is until it’s too late.” He commented in an interview with ES.

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Although the actor has never had a problem with his body weight, he does admit that he has tried different diets throughout his career to maintain his regimen. “I’ve basically tried every diet you can think of, anything but consistency..”

For a time, he even ate only potatoes. “Once I ate nothing but potatoes for two weeks, as a detox. Just boiled potatoes with Himalayan pink salt. Apparently, it cleanses you… You definitely lose weight. I tried keto once. I thought, ‘Wow, is there a diet where you only eat deli and cheese stuff all the time?’ But I didn’t realize you can’t drink beer, it kills the target’.”

He even admits that he ran into several problems admitting that he did not prepare for his role in batman “I got into a lot of trouble for saying that I don’t train, even my coach told me: Why did you say that?” Pattinson tends to be sarcastic in his interviews, but concludes that maybe he should break that habit in future press conferences.


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