Roberto Ángel praises Abinader’s management: “This is the government with the most social investment of all time”

The communicator and film and television producer, Roberto Ángel Salcedo, praised the management of the government of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, by ensuring that the effects of the global crisis they impose a responsible and humane leadership like the one represented by the president.

This is the government with the most social investment of all time”, said the host of the television program “Más Roberto”, during the conference “Entrepreneurship and Leadership” held in the province of El Seibo.

This colloquium was offered by Salcedo in front of business, political, sports, social and media leaders of the aforementioned city, in the company of Senator Santiago Zorrilla and Governor Irene Martínez.

When we talk about more social investment, we refer to greater coverage in assistance programsgreater coverage in Supérate cards, in Bonogas, Bono luz, government support in the injection of more than 13 billion pesos in the first months of the year to subsidize the price of fuel and prevent increases from being transferred to consumers”, added the communicator at the conference.

During the activity held yesterdayRoberto Ángel addressed issues related to leadership in times of crisisand the management model embodied by President Abinader since he took office in August 2020.

With the cycle of conferences “Entrepreneurship and Leadership”, the producer and businessman has visited different provinces of the country such as Santo Domingo, Santiago, Puerto Plata, Santiago Rodríguez, Duarte, Monte Cristi, Valverde, Azua, Elías Piña, La Romana, Punta Cana and San Juan.