Robin Williams’ widow reveals details of his illness

Hollywood star Robin Williams, who died suddenly in 2014, had an undiscovered illness. His wife remembers his suffering.

Eight years ago, Robin Williams committed suicide. The world-famous actor was 63 years old. Only after a posthumous autopsy of his brain did it emerge that he had Lewy body dementia.

Symptoms had already emerged before his death. His memory and thinking abilities had changed, as had his mobility, his sleep, and even his personality and mood. No doctor recognized the disease, as his widow Susan Schneider explains in an interview with CNN. “We experienced something really invisible and horrific.” Only thanks to science did she find out afterwards what she was dealing with.

“That was one of his biggest fears”

“When it came out, it was like I found out the name of my husband’s killer.” It was a “little ray of hope” to know what was behind the Hollywood star’s suffering. “That’s when my healing started.” She also emphasized in the conversation: “Robin wasn’t crazy. That was one of his biggest fears.”