Rochy RD: “Only God knows the truth”

God only knows the truth, amen” and “God is with me, amen”, were two phrases that Rochy RD published on his Instagram account along with a photograph in which you can see how his belongings are requested at the time of being arrested after a mother of a minor age will file a sexual assault charge.

The complaint was filed with the Gender Violence and Sexual Crimes Unit located in Santo Domingo, from where it was transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Santo Domingo Este Palace of Justice.

Jean Cristofer Pérez, who represents the mother of the minor, told this medium that there is sufficient evidence linking the defendants to the charges against them”, In the same way, the lawyer explained that due to the nature of the event, it is the Public Ministry that is directing the investigation and will determine the occurrence of what happened.

On Saturday the 9th of this month, the Santo Domingo Este Prosecutor’s Office accepted the complaint, in which it is allegedly alleged that the minor was taken to a villa in which the urban exponent was presentaccording to information offered to this medium.

Aderly Ramírez, the real name of Rochy RD, is known for the songs “Millonario”, “Uva bombom”, “Alta gama”, “Mi contacto”, “Rumba”, “Ella no es tuya”, among others. Also, from his popular phrase “KLK wawawa”.