Rochy RD: the “wa-wa-wa” that gains popularity, but finds stones on the urban road

Rochy RD is one of the Dominican urban areas that registers the greatest popularity in the shortest of times. However, his path to new achievements finds stones from his inability to travel to the United States and now the accusation of alleged sexual abuse against a minor.

In the last four years, his themes have been widely disseminated among the new generations and even a new jargon emerged from his inventiveness in dembow when, thanks to him, it is generally named “wa-wa-wa” to those people who are from Popular neighbourhoods.

Aderly Ramírez Oviedo, her real name, was born in Boca Chica (a municipality in the Santo Domingo province) 30 years ago (August 25, 1991) and he began his walk in the local urban movement under the name of McMelody.

He grew up in the capital sector of Los Frailes, where he was inspired in his childhood and adolescence by Conscious Pencil, Surgeon and Monckey Black.

Although he grew up in a family with limited resources, at home there was always “diligence”, his father paid for his school and he finished high school.

“I come from behind and from not having one, from putting white paste on the only tennis shoes I had,” but not in extreme need, he has told in interviews.

The neighborhood freekstyle they opened the first doors for him and, as a result, promoted his first popular connection: “Ñoño y Julito”, currently 38.3 million views.

Also in 2018, he made his first bet outside the neighborhood, with the song “Sometimes I don’t have money”, which has 5.3 million views on his official YouTube channel.

After that, a series of songs multiplied their impact on the young masses, among them “Contigo”, “8 remix”, “El integral”, “Moca”, “Deja vu”, “Caviar”, “Christmas without you”, “Energy”, “Boca” and “Cancino”.

Then I would add “Mamá Juana Italia”, “Making money”, “La Queen”, “La puscha”, “El Celular”, “En aqua”, “Flow”, “I am unhappy”, “Extremo”, “Aficiao” , “Higuey”, “Callejón x Gkey” and “Pick you up”.

Others would arrive later: “Rumba”, “La transa”, “Delinquent in feeling”, “She is not in you”, “Ñoño and Julito”, “I miss you” and “Tell your friend”.

In parallel would come the collaborations, among them Myke Towers, Nicki Nicole on the “She’s Not Yours” remix.

His style combines his rap and hip hop roots with the dembow modality.

His hit was like a whirlwind among the youth of the Dominican neighborhoods and was strengthened with songs like “My contact”, “High range”, “Cooperate with the Federico”, “She is not yours”, “Uva bombón”, “Millonario ” “Los illuminaty” and in recent weeks “El coba”.

His recordings are made in “La Alcaldía”, the recording studio where he and his entourage produce hit songs.

Just over two years ago, in January 2020, he faced one of the most difficult moments of his life, suffering a spectacular accident on the Pontón-Navarrete highway, where he almost lost his life.

The singer was in a vehicle driven by his brother, when he hit a truck loaded with vegetables that was parked and the driver failed to detect it in time. God had more days in store for her to continue his ascending career.

the rivalries they are an intrinsic part of the urban ones and in their case their public opponent is El Alfa, a media confrontation fueled by the fans of both.

One of his dreams has been to travel to the United States, but he had a problem with a crime in the past supposedly related to a scam that made it impossible for him to obtain an American visa. He has “a goofball” in that sense. “That’s in God’s hands,” she has said.

Likewise, he has been in divine hands since Friday when he was arrested after a mother sued him for alleged sexual abuse against her minor daughter.

Although on Thursday the lady had already withdrawn the complaint, the Public Ministry continued the process and only a judge is expected to decide her fate.